This thyroid nodule contains complex cystic components and is becoming quite large.


Parathyroid adenoma with classic “hypo-echoic” (dark on sono) appearance.  This is due to the higher fat content in parathyroid tissue versus the nearby thyroid.


Suspicious thyroid nodule, which appears to be a cancer.  The multiple “starry” white specks are calcifications in the nodule, a finding which makes it highly suspicious.


This large parathyroid adenoma appears just under the thyroid lobe.  It is hypo-echoic (dark) and appears to be at least 2 cms in length on this image.


This large thyroid nodule does not appear highly suspicious, but replaces the entire lobe and is beginning to press on the trachea (windpipe).  Even if it is benign, it can still cause significant problems.


This parathyroid adenoma has the classic, dark hypo-echoic appearance and is just posterior to the thyroid lobe.  Performing an ultrasound in the operation groom can be extremely helpful in locating an adenoma such as this.