Total thyroidectomy specimen, with a papillary thyroid carcinoma.


Parathyroid adenoma with the classic look and appearance.


A large thyroid nodule in the left lobe, seen here in the middle of surgery as it has been elevated out of the incision.


4 parathyroid glands (“3.5” actually) removed in a renal failure patient with secondary hyperparathyroidism.  A small remnant is left behind which is enough to maintain normal calcium levels.


Parathyroid adenoma, which appears a bit more pale in color than usual.  The higher fat content in the glands of older patients can give this appearance.


A very large multi-nodular goiter, which extended down into the patient’s chest.  The left lobe was nearly touching the aorta!  With proper and careful techniques, even these massive glands can be removed through a neck incision and avoid major chest surgery.