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    Traveling is Good for Your Health!

    Traveling is Good for Your Health!

    We love seeing happy patients post-op, especially like Emma pictured above who travelled 9 hours from Mexico to see us and get her surgery!

    Traveling to see the right doctor for your individual case can in many circumstances be one of the best medical decisions you can make.  Of course, there are superb doctors and surgeons throughout our country and the world who can in most cases provide excellent care for you. But sometimes your individual case may best be handled by subspecialists who deal with those types of cases or surgeries on a daily basis.  It is an unfortunate reality that there is a higher risk of complications in more complex surgical cases when performed at lower volume centers.   We encourage practices to track their own data, and to be forthcoming with patients when they ask about the volume of surgical cases performed and complication rates.  For example, we reassure our patients that we are very comfortable with performing outpatient surgery in over 90% of our cases given our techniques and the fact we have had zero post-operative bleeding or hematoma complications.

    Is it worth driving an extra hour or flying out of state to get the individualized care by sub-specialists you trust in?  We at Austin Thyroid & Parathyroid Surgeons certainly believe so, and encourage patients to visit us or other surgeons they trust, even if it means traveling a bit.

    So if you or your doctor discover a thyroid or parathyroid condition that requires some experience and expertise, please do your homework and find the right surgeon for you… even if it means driving or flying a few extra hours. Whether it’s going to Florida, or coming to beautiful Austin, Texas, your thyroid and parathyroid health is worth it!

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