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    Save Your Thyroid

    Save Your Thyroid

    Don’t Rush into Surgery!  Just because you are going to see a surgeon, does NOT mean you need an operation.

    We at Austin Thyroid Surgeons have been seeing an unfortunate trend of patients telling us that they were pressured by other surgeons into going to surgery “ASAP”. While giving second opinions on some of these cases, we have found that surgery was NOT even indicated, much less an urgent need….

    Dr. Brady and Dr. Sabra both strongly believe that each and every patient needs to be treated truly as an individual with each of the thyroid lobes as its own organ. There is NEVER a rush into thyroid surgery, even with a thyroid cancer diagnosis. Your thyroid is vitally important to your metabolism and the overall health of your body… we urge you to take the time to do your homework and get a second opinion from our team. See if we can help you SAVE your thyroid!

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