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    July is Parathyroid Awareness Month!

    July is Parathyroid Awareness Month!

    Now is the time to have your calcium checked if you have not already done so.  High calcium is bad for many reasons, and a common cause is hyperparathyroidism.  Hyperparathyroidism is usually caused by the enlargement of one of our normal 4 parathyroid glands, into an “adenoma”.  This releases excessive PTH (parathyroid hormone) into the bloodstream, which then steals calcium from your bones (causing osteoporosis), and retaining it elsewhere.   The bad side effects of a high calcium include kidney stones, kidney and heart disease, and mental side effects such as fatigue and memory issues.

    So please get your calcium checked! And if it is too high, ask your doctor about parathyroid disease, or come in to see us in the office for more information.

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